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300 amazing employees. 4 continents. 7 companies.

300 amazing employees. 4 continents. 7 companies: 

We create turnover and jobs with an eye for the environment.

The start of YNK Group? Orhan Gürbulak and his bright idea to market denim trousers. Somewhat ironic, out of sheer necessity, as a child, he used to wear only one pair of worn-out trousers. Interlaced with pieces of family history, the Gürbulak brothers make their own dreams and those of others come true with YNK Group.







1 mission,
1 vision

Since the year 2000, all the fields of operation in which the Gürbulak brothers operate are joined under one name: YNK Group. This umbrella branding provides the company with:

Global character

Due to the close contacts all over the world, the company is becoming a small global player. Being present on four continents, while always looking for innovative products and services, really makes a difference.

Expert knowledge

YNK Group represents companies in the fashion, medical, real estate and hospitality sectors. Drawing on an extensive scope of knowledge, which has been acquired over the years.


Orhan Gürbulak, quite an ambitious individual, seems to have a knack for snapping different links together. Facing the future with a clear plan in mind, he created a unique player and international network with YNK Group.


The group is already present in different countries on four continents. 300 people work for us worldwide. In the coming years, we want to more than double this number.

7 companies

Hey you! Want to work at YNK Group?

Would you like to join our growing company? Be the link that makes a difference? Join our team!

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We need new workforce all the time. Not only when there is a specific vacancy to be filled. So send an unsolicited application and who knows … you might get yourself a spot in one of our teams.



DE Weven 2-A
3583 Beringen – BELGIE

Btw: BE 0881 097 520

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YNK Group

DE Weven 2-A
3583 Beringen – BELGIE

BTW: BE 0881 097 520